RB3640 All Mountain Mesh B.CAP

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[CLEF] All Mountain Mesh B.CAP

Save the Nature!
Expressing the feelings of outdoor players who value nature
Clean Outdoorsseries

Customized CLEAN OUTDOORS specification based on 60/40 Mesh B.CAP, which is popular in CLEF!
The top button at the top of the head was removed so that it can be used as a helmet inner.
The heavenly button is because the fabric is not frayed, so it was reinforced with embroidery instead of the button.

The size adjustment is a thin belt type on the back of the head.
Since the hem of the belt can be stored in a hat, the belt flapping in the middle of running, and when used as a helmet inner, it is also reduced.

On the back of the brim is the embroidery of "Save the Nature".
The size adjustment belt on the back of the head supports a wide range of heads.
It is a very active specification, so please use pounding throughout the year.

◆ Clean Outdoors

"If more field players increase, the field will be cleaner."

This is an activity that proposes a simple garbage picking up "one -hand -clean" that you can easily do when you go out to the outdoorfield such as the sea, mountains, and rivers as a concept.

By taking a little gratitude for the natural environment where we are playing, the mind and field are clean.

The CLEAN OUTDOORS project aims to be an icon of a field player who can sympathize with such feelings and behavior.

CLEAN OUTDOORS initiatives
◇ Proposal for picking up trash that can be picked up with one hand "One Hand Clean"
◇ Supporting "National River Garbage Network" from a part of sales
◇ Regular hashtag campaign on Instagram
Instagram account: @clefhats
Hashtag: #cleanoutdoors #Clean Outdoors

【 Feature Description 】
Coolever:Water -absorbing speed -drying material (sweat stop)
WIRED BRIM: Built -in wire on the brim

Free: Approximately 58cm ~ 61cm
(please note)Please note that the feeling of the same size notation is slightly different due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【 material 】
Body: 60% cotton / 40% nylon
Mesh: 100% polyester