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Cout boa jet cap

It is the best pilot cap for camping and outdoor to raise the mood of autumn and winter.
Since it is a specification to put the soft wire that can enjoy natural change, it is easy to arrange and arrange the studs.
It is warm even in midwinter because I use quilting dough.

Since the size adjustment is attached to the back of the sweat design and the back of the sweat, men and women can be covered with relief.
It is an item that can be used even in the town youth such as the autumn and winter camping and fishing, and the bicycle youth.

Functional explanation
CoverSukashi (water repellent)
Wirebrim(built in the part of the tuber)
New adjustsystem(it is possible to adjust the size of the cap by the button and the rubber on the back side of the button without size.)

FreeAbout 57.5 cm ~ 58.5 cm
(note)Please note that the size of the same material size is soft, thin and thick.

Body & amp; poles
Brim bag: wool 70% / Poster 30%