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[CLEF] All Outdoor Tenugui

New ideas specialized in outdoors

Throughout the year, I'm seriously playing with the outdoorfield of the sea, mountains and rivers
"Outdoor towel", a new idea born from our experience.

4 places "overturned the common sense of the conventional towelButtonhole"and
Rubber loopVarious arrangements are now possible by attaching.

By bundling and fixing the towel with a rubber loop to bundle the hair.
There is no worry about knoting or being blown by the wind.
It is also possible to adjust the tightening.

○ As a basic style to hang on the neck.

○ Wrap it on your head and forehead to prevent sweat, or as a hat / helmet inner.

○ Wrap like a mask to reduce sunburn or mask etiquette to the surroundings.

Camping, mountain climbing, trail running (jogging), MTB, fishing, gardening, agricultural work, outdoor sports and outdoor activities, etc.

ExactlyAll outdoorsActive in the scene.

◆ 4 button holes.
Can be used as a spare when the position of the rubber loop is changed or when the buttonhole is torn.
For example, you can change the mounting position of the rubber loop by right -handed and left -handed.

◆ Lock sewing machine finish is both ends.
The frayed thread is not entangled with gears such as outer zips and Zack.
There is also the advantage of making it difficult to get garbage like a small lint.

◆ Coloring that can be used two colors depending on how you wind it.
A design that can be used without worrying about the front and back by "dyeing".

What is a pouring?

"Dyeing" is a dyeing method of Japanese traditional towels.
Rather than printing on the dough, the craftsman dyes the thread itself.
Dyeing has a good texture of the towel, and is excellent in quick -drying because it does not impair the breathability.
It is the best dyeing method in Japan, which is hot and humid.

* If the rubber loop is cut or lost, it can be used with a commercially available hair elastic.
Use your favorite color, length and thick rubber loop.

* Please note that the color may be transferred during washing.
(We recommend hand washing alone.)

90cm wide x 30cm long 

【 material 】
100% cotton

made in Japan

◆ Clean Outdoors

"If there are more field players, the field will be cleaner."

This is an activity that suggests a simple garbage picking up "one hand clean" that you can easily do when you go out to the outdoorfield such as the sea, mountains, and rivers.
By taking a little gratitude for the natural environment where we are playing, the mind and field are clean.

The CLEAN OUTDOORS project aims to be an icon of a field player who can sympathize with such feelings and behavior.

CLEAN OUTDOORS initiatives

◇ Proposal for picking up trash that can be picked up with one hand "One Hand Clean"
◇ Regular hashtag campaign on Instagram
Instagram account:@cleanoutdoors
Hashtag: #cleanoutdoors #Clean Outdoors
◇ Some of the sales support the "Mitake Cup Executive Committee (Ome River Clean Marathon)" and "National River Network"
* The reason for support is
Approximately 80 % of the garbage flowing in the sea flows through our lives and flows into the sea.
It is difficult to collect garbage that has come out in the sea, but stopping before flowing into the river, collecting garbage in the river reduces the amount of garbage flowing into the sea.
We support and support the activities.

■ Mitake Cup Executive Committee (Ome River Clean Marathon)
* A total of about the river garbage picked up7Ton!
Rafting×River Clean is a new proposal for picking up garbage full of participants.

River garbage network activity
* Trash problems seen from the river are performed in various places and shared cleaning activities in various places.