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Linen Ice Live Work Cap

Comfortable summer with the clean silhouette and linen material of the work cap!

For linen fabric with a smooth breathability and touch
The back of the head is equipped with a mesh, and the breathability is ensured.

Since the ribs of the back of the head naturally expand and contract according to the size of the head,
A clean and comfortable wear like a knit hat.

Linen fabric also has antibacterial and deodorant effects, making it ideal for sweaty season!
In addition, contact cooling material is used for the sweat stop.

It has a loose size feeling

Size: Approximately 59.5cm to 60.5cm
(Note) Please note that the feeling of the same size notation is slightly different due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【Feature Description】
Sweat to prevent contact with cooling material

Body: 90% linen / 10% cotton
Mesh part: 100% polyester
Ribbs: 100% cotton