RB8104 CLEF 20th Anniv. Organic Cotton T-Shirt

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Release an original T -shirt to commemorate the 20th anniversary of CLEF!

With organic cotton that does not use pesticides,
Mix the organic cotton fallen cotton
Created "Organic Cotton 100 % Recycle Thread".
It is a T -shirt made of this sustainable material.

Cotton (cotton) is a short fiber that falls when a cotton is combed in the process of making a thread.
Mixing it with organic cotton creates a natural uneven feeling and texture.

One point with the motif of "20th anniversary" and "Clean Outdoors" on the chest
CLEF piss name casually is placed around the left side belly.

I imagined a T -shirt that is easy to wear by not putting out the "Clef feeling" on the entire surface.

Four colors that shine in the outdoor scene.

M / l

cotton 100%

[Washing method]
Hand washing is possible

made in Japan