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60/40 (Rokuyon) Cross mountain parka is a collaboration item of the popular brand [Sierra Designs] and [Kure]!

Sierra Designsis a brand that was born in California in 1965.
Launched in 1968, the "60/40 Cross" mountain parka made of nylon and cotton fabric has captured the hearts of many outdoor men with innovative items that combine water repellent and breathability, making it a popular item worldwide.

This collaboration fabric also adopts 60/40 cross of MADE IN U.S.A. Sierra Designs!
It is a full-fledged specification with a lower tag of [ORIGINAL FABRIC] as proof of the real fabric.

A full-fledged adventure hat with water repellency and breathability unique to Rokuyon Cross.

When the cotton of the weft sucks water and expands, the eyes between the threads become clogged, making it difficult to pass through the water.
In addition, the water repellent performance peculiar to nylon is combined, and it is able to repel water.
In addition, it has a breathability peculiar to cotton, and moisture and stuffing are released to the outside.

Nylon yarn is used in one direction (vertical), so it has excellent tear strength, friction strength, and anti-scratch scratches.
In addition, because it uses cotton, it is also characterized by its excellent fire resistance than chemical fibers.

The fabric has a unique luster, and the more you use it, the more the texture that comes out of the "taste",
This is why rokuyon cross of Sierra Designs is still believed half a century after its appearance.

CoolEVER, which has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, is used for the antiperspirant part.

Camping scene, of course,
Because it is with a chin string, it is strong in the wind, and it is a functional hat that is perfect for trekking, fishing, etc.

Size: About 57-59cm
* With size adjustment function on the back of the sweat stop
WIRED BRIM (wire internal organs on the collar)
COOLER (antiperspirant of absorption quick-drying material)

Body: 60% cotton nylon 40%