SLP301 The Superior Labor × Platchamp THE APRON CARRY

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The Superior Labor and collaboration in the commercialization or apron.

Thick, durable and smooth against the skin cotton fabric in dirt, and washing also a strong Apron is.

The front is Platchamp of leather with the logo of one point.
Simple, 30cm dish...... it fits and will fit large pockets in two,
Cutlery and smartphones into the pockets one with can.

Platchamp of plates and Cutlery etc can fold into a pocket,
folded leather handles with carry case also a good thing.

La is, of course, BBQ, etc. the cooked black to
camouflage, ivory, Indigo color variations.

Size: H 73cm x W 79cm
material: cotton 100%
parts/handle:natural leather
made in Japan