SLP302 The Superior Labor × Platchamp POCKET WALLET

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The SUPERIOR LABOR × Platchamp collaboration

It is a gem that was produced in the original from the original, and was also stuck in leather and parts.
A compact design that saves waste and only contains the minimum necessary items.
It uses TSL original leather.

All the manufacturing processes are done by the SUPERIOR labors.
By selecting the leather that fits the item, cutting it according to the parts, sewing and finishing carefully, not only the finished figure but also the beauty is born to the aging after use.

【What is TSL original leather?】】
This is a high-quality Tochigi leather that has lost a rough part of the fiber called the Berry.
It is the original leather with plenty of oil.

By injecting fine-tuned oil and wax into clogged leather、
It is finished in a moist texture, and a unique gloss like silver surface (surface) is crushed by aging is born.

It is a wonderful leather with the appearance of the polite thing making of Japan, which is different from the imported leather.

The SUPERIOR LABOR original cosmetic box included

SIZE : 80mm×88mm×40mm

Weight: about 64g