SLP303 THE SUPERIOR LABOR x PlatChamp Rover Chair Jacket

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Rover chair replacement sheet

In -vehicle folding chairs used by the British army,
Commonly known as "Rover Chair" seats for replacement
Realized in collaboration with The Superior LABOR.

The combination of iron x wood x canvas fabric has a unique presence,
Highly versatile rover chair that can be assembled and stored quickly.
If you use it for a long time, will the sheet gradually become tingling?

The durability is improved by putting stitches in a durable canvas fabric made by handmade and hard to stretch.
One -point leather emblem tastes as you use it, creating an adult atmosphere.

There are two colors, "natural" and "olive", which are easy to fit into camping gears and tent sites without impairing the original military feeling.

This product is "only a replacement sheet". (Seat x 1 sheet / back x 1 sheet)
Please note that the rover chair body is not included.

* A separate tool is required for replacing the sheet.

Made in Japan

Cotton 100%