SN001" Yuka Koishi × daladala. x CLEF " SUNA HAT TONTAU

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" Koishi Yuka × daladala. x CLEF"
Triple collaboration sauna hat.

The home of the sauna, a popular sauna hat in Northern Europe.
It is an essential item to enjoy the sauna tent which is popular in the sauna of the spa and the camping scene stylishly!

The insulated wool sauna hat protects the scalp and hair and prevents it from rising.

A sauna hat handmade by Mongolian craftsmen one by one.
The woven name is illustrated by illustrator Yuka Koshi, who designed it cutely.

Because it is a conical type, anyone can wear it regardless of size.
In addition, it is also possible to arrange by folding the edge of the hat!

※ Because it is handmade, how to come out of the pattern even in the same color, texture is different one by one.
Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind created by craftsmen.

Size: FREE

【 Materials 】
BODY : WOOL 100%

Made in Mongolia

◆ How to care ◆
Please wash your hands gently using wool detergent.
Strong friction using alkaline soapy water and washing with hot water
It will cause the size to shrink by advancing the felting.

[Yuka Koishi]
Illustrator, manga artist and camp coordinator.
In 2008, it was named "Women's Camp" on SNS and her blog,
She advocates camping in an independent style that allows even one woman to do it.
While reading manga as "essay x practical book x cartoon"
He writes a number of books that anyone can easily learn.
"You can enrich your life through hobbies, favorite things, and things."
We are active in a wide range of activities based on the concept of

【 daladala.
"daladala" means "shared bus" in Swahili.
Living in Mongolia and Africa,
We produce original products that enrich our daily lives a little.
the cold prairie and the land of Africa, each of which
The personality of the creator is piled up on traditional manufacturing, and it is close to the life with four seasons.