SN002 "CHI-Bee x Clef" Sauna Hat

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CHI-Bee × CLEF collaboration sauna hat

To enjoy the sauna more cute and fashionable

Sauna hat for a higher quality "Totomoi" experience!

In particular, it goes well with the "tent sauna" that has been enjoyed in the outdoorfield, which has been showing excitement in recent years.

Wool sauna hats have an insulation effect and are effective in preventing flashes and protecting scalp and hair.

"Sauna Boy" written by CHI-Bee's illustrator "TAKE" has been dropped.

"The alcohol to drink after sweating comfortably in the sauna is delicious."

I expressed such feelings.

A refreshing coloring like shaved ice improves your mood.



* Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in the texture even in the same color.

Please enjoy the only one created by craftsmen.


Size: Free

Material: 100% wool

Made in Nepal


◆ ◇ How to clean ◇ ◆

Gently wash your hands using wool detergent.

Strong friction using alkaline soapy water and washing with hot hot water can lead to a contraction of felt and shrink.


From the drawing drawn by TAKE, Illustrator

It is a brand that creates "Edge" items with "Fun".

To express my favorite LifeStyle and Culture in the illustration

Through CHI-Bee's unique filter

We are creating a unique drawing item.