SN003 "Yuru Camp x ZOZOTOWN x Clef" Sauna Hat

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 Yuru Camp △ × ZOZOTOWN × CLEF collaboration sauna hat


A collaboration sauna hat realized by the "Zozo Camp" project.

A refreshing sauna hat is completed with the familiar coloring for the fans of Yuru Camp!

It is a necessity to enjoy the outdoor sauna that makes you feel excited just by wearing it.


To enjoy the sauna more cute and fashionable

Sauna hat for a higher quality "Toto no U" experience!

Especially in recent years, it goes well with the "tent sauna", which has been showing excitement in the outdoorfield.

Wool sauna hats have an insulation effect and are effective for "prevention of flashes" and "protection of scalp and hair".


* Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in the texture even in the same color.

Also, please note that the size of the size has some variation.

Please enjoy the only one created by craftsmen.


Size: Free

Material: 100% wool

Made in Nepal


◆ ◇ How to clean ◇ ◆

Gently wash your hands using wool detergent.

Strong friction using alkaline soapy water and washing with hot hot water can lead to felt consequences and reduce the size.

[Yuru Camp △]

A F -Roro's original manga work.
Set in Yamanashi Prefecture, draw the daily life of high school girls who enjoy camping and outdoor activities.
In addition to the charm and knowledge of the camp, we also send local gourmet and sightseeing information.
One of the works that influenced the recent camp boom.